Products / DCM 2015

Information is the lifeblood of today’s organisations; needing to be shared both internally and externally but at the same time, needing to be protected.

The dilemma is, how to protect the data without stemming its flow to those who need it? The crucial first step in protecting data is to classify it.

Introducing Packagesoft DCM 2015 – crucial first step solved.


There are two possible approaches to data classification; one is to rely on post-data-creation mechanisms that interpret the data and arrive at a classification based on the content; the other approach, taken by Packagesoft DCM is to empower the author to decide the classification at the point of creation. This approach both increases awareness of data protection within the workforce and is generally more accurate and cost-effective. Moreover, once data has been DCM classified, it facilitates greater control of the data within systems such as RMS, DLP and FCI.

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