NPM 2014 Pro


NPMLite32x32 Network Profile Manager 2014

The most powerful way to manage your businesses computers’ proxy settings based upon the availability of connected networks.

Latest version: v6.2
Release date: 1st February 2014

Runs on Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8 and Vista. Both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

Providing seamless Proxy Switching, appropriate internet home page, site specific settings and control branding with no manual intervention.

Product Description


NPM 2014 Pro:
NPM Pro provides corporations (and their users) with the ability to create network profiles based on specific network connections, so that when they become available, actions can be automatically performed.

For example, if a Corporation has a number of locations/sites with different proxy servers defined, NPM can be centrally configured (via Group Policy) to automatically switch to the correct proxy, set appropriate internet home page, apply site specific settings and control branding with no manual intervention by the user – providing seamless access to the internet and elevating the need for staff Browser training.
Depending on the corporation’s policy regarding company computer use and access to the internet outside VPN, each user can specify their own NPM profiles that match their home and other network configurations so that access to the internet can be easily achieved.
In addition to profile management, corporations can use NPM 2014 Pro to manage Wi-Fi connections based on the availability of a LAN. For environments where Wi-Fi connections are limited, NPM can be configured to disable the Wi-Fi device, disconnect all Wi-Fi connections or disconnect a specific Wi-Fi connection (based on a SSID) when a laptop is physically connected to a corporate LAN.


OCSL Shaun Baldwin (Technical Consultant) Orange OCSL says:
“Packagesofts’ Network Profile Manager is an excellent product that provides much needed functionality that is not provided by existing Microsoft Windows Operating systems and Active Directory Group Policy capabilities.
Enterprise Customers and Administrators especially will immediately recognise the gap that this product fills and will also appreciate the management and configuration features built into the design. Our user base consists of lots of clients who are travelling to multiple locations and NPM makes their transitions to each location seamless, which greatly improves the end user experience and productivity. A “win win” for both IT departments and end users!

We were development customers for the product and Packagesoft were always available to provide comprehensive support and any fixes in a very prompt fashion.”
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