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Orange OCSL standardise on NPM

To ensure Orange Users transition to each site location seamlessly, Orange standardise on NPM 2014.  Shaun Baldwin (Technical Consultant) Orange OCSL says: “Packagesoft’s Network Profile Manager is an excellent product that provides much needed functionality that is not provided by … Read more

Packagesoft Release NPM 2014 Lite

Do you find your self constantly changing Internet settings so that you can access the internet from your favourite locations? If so NPM Lite is for you…. With NPM 2014 Lite you can create network profiles that match your frequently … Read more

Packagesoft Release NPM 2014 Pro.

Packagesoft has now released its Network Profile Manager (NPM) 2014 Pro. NPM 2014 Pro provides corporations (and their users) with the ability to create network profiles based on specific network connections, so that when they become available, actions can be automatically … Read more

Network Profile Manager 2012

Network Profile Manager 2012 will soon be released to provide corporations and individuals with the ability to manage and define network related configurations based upon the availability of networks. In addition the Network Profile Manager can also be set to … Read more

New Website Look

The website’s new look and feel is now online…

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